From May of 2007 until the end of April 2009 I wrote a blog on Apple Inc. for the Baltimore Sun’s Web site, The Apple a Day blog ended abruptly when I was laid off from The Sun on April 27, 2009 along with 60 other staffers. Since I was a page designer, I wrote the blog almost entirely on my own time, and took a great deal of pride in it.

    So when The Sun decided to delete all the dormant blogs from its Web site at the end of December 2009, I was more than a little annoyed. However, I had almost every entry stored on my Mac, making it possible to rebuild most of the blog using iWeb and my MobileMe account. It’s not perfect; some entries may be missing, the original hyperlinks are gone as are any original comments, although I have restored as many of the images as I can. Scroll down for a search window and a link to a collection of somewhat older Mac columns. To browse the entries in reverse chronological order, go to the archive page.

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Links to Other Projects

    For those who arrived here seeking evidence of a broader range of my capabilities, I offer the following links to two other projects I have undertaken since my days at The Sun concluded.

STRIDE MAGAZINE In February 2010 I agreed to design this twice-monthly online magazine targeted to fans of thoroughbred horse racing. National in scope, Stride offers feature stories on the full range of people in the industry, from the jockeys and grooms to the horse farm owners.

MONEY MORNING In January on 2011 I started working at Money Morning as an Associate Editor writing articles on financial news.  Money Morning is part of Agora Inc., based in Mount Vernon in the heart of Baltimore.

MY LINKED IN PROFILE For more details on my work history.

UPDATE June 2012: Now that Apple has discontinued MobileMe, I have moved the blog to my domain using MacHighway for my hosting. Using the existing iWeb files (because it was there and MacHighway lets you use iWeb) seemed like a good idea, but has disabled search.